As a Community Land Trust aiming to develop sustainable places and ways of life in London, RUSS isn’t just a housing provider. But with the current housing crisis failing to meet many Londoners’ desire to live a low impact, affordable, stable way of life, housing is at the top of our agenda. Our first major project is to develop a community of 33 new homes at Church Grove in Lewisham that are ecologically-minded and permanently affordable. You can find out more about the Church Grove project here.

New Projects

RUSS is now beginning the process of identifying our next endeavour, and as ever this will be a team effort open to all members’ views. We have established a New Projects team to generate ideas and pursue leads for the next RUSS scheme. If you have an idea for our next project, whether a vacant site for affordable housing, a new development idea or something different, please post your suggestions on the #newprojects channel on our members’ forum Slack.