The Ladywell Self-Build Community Space’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Remember, Spacehive operates on an all–or–nothing model, which means that if we don’t hit the target, none of the pledges are collected… That’s where you come in! We need your backing to turn this idea into a reality!

1. Tell anyone and everyone!
It’s obvious really. Friends, family, colleagues, anyone and everyone… The single most effective way to get people to pledge is by asking directly — don’t be shy! Tell them your personal involvement in our project. You can do it by word of mouth, text or email. The minimum pledge is £2 and it takes less than 5 minutes to do!

2. Are you on Facebook?
Like, the Ladywell Self-Build Community Space page, and share it with a personal post. Facebook is by far the project’s best/most used social network. So if you see a great post from the RUSS Facebook page do the same as above. The News Shopper post had thousands of views thanks to some of you who share it through your timeline.

3. Do you have an internal newsletter, forum or Slack channel at work that you can share the project on?
It’s obvious, but telling people that you’ve pledged gives them confidence to do the same. An example is: I’ve just pledged to Ladywell Self-Build Community Space on Spacehive. Check it out, and if you want to see it happen, please make a lovely pledge to

4. Are you on LinkedIn?
Usually it’s only useful for the “Oh my God, what have I done with my life?” – type moments… But, if you post the link to our Spacehive page, and if anyone of your close schoolmates and colleagues see it, the whole of their network also sees it! (We’ve been told LinkedIn’s algorithms are different/better than Facebook, or something, we don’t really understand to be honest, just do it!)

5. Do you have a mailing list, or send regular newsletters, have a blog or website?
You can include something about the Ladywell Self-Build Community Space. You can use the main image and include the text below:
RUSS is crowdfunding to self-build a community space in Ladywell to create a knowledge hub for self-building, community-led housing and sustainable living. The space will also be used to test ideas with the local community on RUSS future goal of a permanent community space that can bring new residents and the existing community together. Make it happen with a lovely pledge at
If you need the main image, please contact us at sbhub@theruss,org and we will email it to you.

6. Are you on Twitter?
Follow @russlewisham and share and retweet our posts, using the hashtags #Lewisham #Ladywell #selfbuild #community and/or any other you think are appropriate to wide our reach.
And… Have you thought about pinning a tweet to the top of your profile that includes the URL

7. Are you a business or know a business in and around Ladywell that has space for an A3 poster in your or their window, or space for A5 flyers?
Ask their permission first, then email us and we’ll drop some off for you.

8. Are you a part of a community group that holds regular meetings?
Then, spread the word. We’ll come and introduce ourselves if you wish, contact us at

9. Include a link in your email signature!
Ladywell Self-Build Community Space
A lovely pledge to

10. Do you know anyone famous with a big online following?
Well, you know what to do… (lol)

11. So far we’ve learnt…
That the majority of pledges have come in the mornings or evenings, so doing any/all of the things above then, will work best.

12. Anything else?
We’ve probably not thought of something so email us anything we’ve missed!