Our vision of creating sustainable community-led neighbourhoods and truly affordable homes is governed by 10 guiding principles. If you support our aims we’d love you to get involved with making them a reality.


  1. RUSS will create socially, environmentally and economically sustainable neighbourhoods in the city.
  2. Our neighbourhoods should balance the interests of residents, the wider community and the Council as landowner.
  3. RUSS should build truly affordable homes.
  4. Decisions that affect our neighbourhoods should be under the control of residents. 
  5. Our developments should be embedded in the local community and include space for community use.
  6. The neighbourhoods should reflect the local population with a mix of families, couples and single people, both young and old, and with a range of incomes.
  7. RUSS neighbourhoods should not only reduce environmental impacts by efficiently using energy and building materials, but should proactively create resources of power, water and food.
  8. Residents should have the opportunity to be involved in the design, construction and management of neighbourhoods.
  9. RUSS developments should create opportunities for training in organising and building for residents and others.
  10. Our projects should be self-financing with robust financing and delivery systems.