Due to the Coronavirus pandemic RUSS has rescheduled its programme of live public events.  Talks and workshops are now offered online – future event details will be posted on this page, and promoted to our membership and on our social media channels. 


Upcoming events

Saturday December 12: Module 2 – Getting moving – finding a viable site

Morning: 10:30am to 1:00pm, depending on discussions


Topics for this Workshop:

– Project design and stages

– Accessing Land and land agreements

– Feasibility & Financial Viability of a project and site

RUSS team for the day:

Chris Carthy, Architect and former RUSS project manager

Anurag Verma, RUSS Chair


Cypren Edmunds, RUSS member, events organiser & communications

This session covers the actions required to take a community-led housing (CLH) project from a vision to the pre-planning stage, focussing particularly on the feasability and viablity of the Church Grove project, and how this can be applied by others on similar projects. The content is most suitable for those with a specific site in mind, or in the process of researching and assessing a number of sites.

Attendees will receive a recording of the session as well as a copy of the speakers presentation.

Our workshops are informal and interactive, an opportunity to meet like-minded people, housing professionals and those already involved in Commmunity-led housing projects.

ZOOM links will be sent to attendees in due course. If you have any questions, please email school@theruss.org

Attending Module 1 before this workshop is advisable but not essential. If you would like to attend Module 1: Getting Started…RUSS’s experience of setting up a group, which covers the early stages of a project, the next workshops which will take place on Saturday 30 January and Saturday 6 February 2021, online on ZOOM. Booking will be available in December.


Subsequent events: bookings will be open on Eventbrite about 6 weeks before each event. Sessions will be on Saturday mornings, 10:30am to about 1:00pm. Full details to follow.

Saturday 30 January: Module 1: Getting started – setting up a group

Presenter Jon Broome


Saturday 6 February: Module 1: Getting started – an overview of Finance

Presenter Dinah Roake


Saturday 27 February: Module 2 – Getting moving – finding a viable site

Presenter Chris Carthy


Saturday 27 March: Module 1: Getting started – setting up a group

Presenter Jon Broome


Saturday 17 April: Module 1: Getting started – an overview of Finance

Presenter Dinah Roake


Saturday 24 April: Module 3 – Presenter Anurag Verma


About the School:

RUSS has set up a School of Community-led Housing offering individuals, community groups and housing professionals the chance to learn from RUSS’s many years of experience and gain information about how to set up a community-led housing project. The School offers workshops which are interactive, with exercises designed to stimulate discussion around the issues of community-led housing. We also offer short 1 hour talks on specific subjects, online or at our Hub.

RUSS doesn’t have all the answers but it has found creative and robust ways to gain access to land on which to build, and is keen to share its learning and inspire others. The workshops also are a great opportunity to meet others interested in joining or forming community housing groups.

Community-led housing (CLH) is a way for local communities to address their housing needs by producing their own decent and affordable homes. It is increasingly seen as a viable alternative for those whose housing needs are not met by the mainstream housing market. But how can communities and individuals access community-led housing? How do you set up and maintain a group, find land, organise finance and negotiate with local authorities?

RUSS has developed a workshop programme of 5 modules, aligned with the 5 stages of CLH development: Group / Site / Plan / Build / Live.

The 5 RUSS modules are:

1 GROUP: Getting Started…RUSS’s experience of setting up a group

2 SITE: Getting Moving…RUSS’s experience of finding a viable site

3A PLAN: Getting Permission…RUSS’s experience of securing planning permission

3B PLAN: Getting Serious…RUSS’s experience of preparing to start on site

4 BUILD: Getting Real…RUSS’s experience of the construction phase

5 LIVE: Getting On…RUSS’s experience of living in a Community Led-Housing Scheme

RUSS has developed 2 workshop modules so far – Module 1 has been run since 2016, and we introduced Module 2 in November 2018. In 2020 we trialled new module 3A and will develop 3B when we start on site in Spring 2021.

Where possible, we will also offer site visits to existing community-led housing projects for discussion and knowledge exchange.