Help us build better communities and support the community-led housing movement

RUSS is pioneering a unique affordable housing model, owned and controlled by the community. The housing crisis is not going away, and policy-makers are looking for alternative solutions: our work is vital to demonstrate an alternative method, one that is environmentally-sustainable, community-controlled and affordable for current and future generations.

We’re a not-for-profit organisation, run predominantly by volunteers. We raise awareness of community housing solutions with academics, policymakers and activists, and through the RUSS school we share our learning to support others to initiate their own developments. We host regular members’ meetings and last year our work was supported by over 250 amazing volunteers!

RUSS encourages members and supporters to make a regular donation to help it deliver more affordable homes. Your contribution will reduce the overall cost of our housing project in Church Grove, which will help the residents, who are all on low incomes. Your donation will also support RUSS’ campaigning work, and its search for sites for future affordable, sustainable homes.

Please use this link and pledge a reasonable amount each month – the suggested figure is £3 per month, but if you can afford more please pledge accordingly.

RUSS is also keen to work with organisations that support our aims and are keen to donate in another way. This could be by making a regular contribution to our costs, the provision of free professional time, or the donation of free materials or equipment. Contact if you want to explore these options.