Fire safety at Church Grove

RUSS takes fire safety very seriously. We are working with the London Fire Brigade to ensure the safety of our development at 12 Church Grove.

Access for fire engines

The London Fire Brigade visited Church Grove in September 2021 to discuss access to the site. Firefighters from the LFB station on Lewisham High Street attended with a fire engine. They drove down the road, turning around on the RUSS site at 12 Church Grove and returned back to Ladywell Road, confirming it is possible for a fire engine to pass along the road.

Two members of the LFB Southwark & Lewisham fire safety team also attended to answer questions from Church Grove residents.

Design of the 36 new flats

We are continuing to consult with the London Fire Brigade to ensure the finished development complies with all requirements in relation to fire safety.

Compliance with Building Regulations is monitored by the Building Control Body (in the case of 12 Church Grove, an independent Approved Inspector, rather than local authority building control). The Approved Inspector visits the site throughout the construction period. Once the building work is complete, the Approved Inspector provides formal certification that the building complies with building regulations, including fire safety.

The design of the scheme seeks to meet the highest possible standards for fire safety, including the use of non-combustible cladding and the installation of a sprinkler system across the entire development. It is a low-rise, all-electric scheme, with no gas supply, and access to individual flats is via open walkways.