In June 2018, Church Grove project was granted planning permission by Lewisham Council, but its story starts a few years earlier when, after a campaign led by RUSS members in 2015, we successfully completed a public procurement process and signed a Development Agreement with Lewisham Council in April 2016 for a ‘community-led, affordable, self-build housing development’ in a derelict former school and industrial site at Church Grove in Ladywell, South East London.

The project will provide 33 new sustainable, customised, high quality homes that are permanently affordable and partly self-built in order to reduce construction costs. It will also design in opportunities for training in construction for self-builders as well as apprentices and volunteers from the wider community. The project will contain a range of houses and flats of different tenures, sizes and levels of self-build in order to create a truly mixed community made up of people from diverse backgrounds in the local area.

You can find out more about our plans for the development at page 20-25 of RUSS’s vision – An innovative approach to Community-Led Housing.

A ballot to select a Resident Group of self-builders for the Church Grove Project took place at Lewisham Town Hall on 18th March 2016. All residents have been financially vetted to ensure they can afford their homes.

One of RUSS’s principles is that residents should have input into the major decisions that will frame their living environment. They have been involved in the design process through a series of Co-design sessions from May 2016 to March 2017 led by the architects Architype and Strategic Advisors and Self-Build Facilitators Jon Broome Architects

After each session decisions with the relevant material were assembled to form a ‘Design Menu’, which has been used to elaborate the final Design Brief. A public consultation was held at Place Ladywell on 21st and 22nd April 2017. The planning application was submitted in October 2017 and approved in June 2018 with the aim to begin building in late 2018 and complete the project by 2020.

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