One of our founding members Barbara Hicks has passed away. Barbara was one of the original self-builder at Walters Way in Honor Oak Park. Her success at building her own timber frame eco-home whilst simultaneously teaching full time and raising a young family is a massive inspiration to us all. Barbara helped to set up RUSS with the aim of giving future generations the opportunity she was given to build an affordable and sustainable home. She was on the board of RUSS for the first 4 years whilst we got things up and running. Hosting meetings, preparing food and always offering her encouragement, support and words of wisdom. She will be sorely missed by family and friends but we are all grateful for the time we had together. We are inspired to follow in her footsteps and continue the good work she has helped us begin. This Poem written by close Friend Grace Evans goes some way to distilling her gifts to us all and our feeling at this time.

Barbara : Present Tense (Click to Read)