Help us create a new public garden for Ladywell, plant new trees and hedges, and open up a stretch of the Ravensbourne river that has been closed off for decades.

The Himalayan birch and the new building. Photo: Ellie Koepke

A new community garden for Ladywell

With the 36 flats at 12 Church Grove nearly complete, we are focusing efforts on making a public garden dedicated to biodiversity, play and community.

We have launched a crowdfunder campaign, currently live and running only until the 13th December.

The project will create a new public park in Ladywell, allowing access to this section of the river and restoring nature to its banks. It will provide another green space along the Waterlink Way, connecting Ladywell fields to the other parks on the walking and cycling route.

The funds raised by the crowdfunder will allow RUSS to plant 40 new trees, shrubs, climbers and a hedgerow along the river, as well as raised beds, a bespoke play area, benches, and bike storage. The project also aims to commission a local artist to create a public artwork for the park.

Existing mural – Photo Ellie Koepke

The raised beds will allow for planting and growing workshops with local schools and community groups. The bike storage will include a repair station with tools and a pump, providing a space for repair and maintenance classes. 

The garden will be wheelchair accessible, with planting that accentuates scent and sound, alongside both quiet and sociable spaces. This will create a space for visitors of all ages, neurodivergent people and people with sensory impairments.

Low-carbon living and sustainability have been central to the design and development of the RUSS housing project. The flats have been built to limit their impact on the environment through quality insulation, shared rainwater butts, air source heat pumps for communal hot water and solar panels on the roof. The park gives an opportunity to make a positive difference to the local environment. The planting of new trees, climbers and hedgerow will help to remove particulate pollutants caused by traffic on local roads.

The park will remain in the shared ownership of the community trust, protecting it from redevelopment and maintaining it as a green space for the benefit of the local community and environment. 

RUSS needs help to bring this project to life! We are looking for donations, large or small, either financial or contributions of time, materials or expertise. If you are able to help, go to or contact RUSS at

Photo: Ellie Koepke
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