We have weekly members meetings, usually on Wednesday evenings, from 7pm – 8.30pm.

New venue from March 1st! We will meet at the Honor Oak Pub, 1 Saint German’s Road, Forest Hill SE23 1RH. 7pm – 8.30pm. RUSS will meet in the upstairs room.

Our members’ meetings are a chance for new and prospective members to meet, share ideas, collaborate on RUSS tasks and keep up to date on the progress of our Church Grove project.

In addition to regular members’ meetings, team meetings are held by RUSS’ member-led teams as and when they are needed. Details of our teams can be found below.

If you would like to volunteer with a team, please sign up for RUSS membership and then get in touch with a team on our online and mobile collaboration tool Slack, each team has a dedicated ‘channel’. Alternatively you can contact the team champion for your area of interest directly.

Admin Team
The admin team organises RUSS’ day-to-day activities, meetings and events, and ensures the organisation is running smoothly.
Team champion: Anne Kennedy, RUSS Secretary
Contact: anne@theruss.org

Allocations Team
The allocations team is creating the policy and procedures that will allocate plots in our Church Grove project to self-builders.
Team champion: Kareem Dayes, RUSS Chair
Contact: kareem@theruss.org

Community Team
The community team engages with neighbours and interested people around our Church Grove site in Ladywell.
Team champion: Tony Rich, RUSS Community Director
Contact: community@theruss.org

Communications Team
The communication teams spreads the word about RUSS and keeps our partners, members and stakeholders up to date.
Team champion: Chris Carthy, RUSS Stakeholder Director
Contact: chris@theruss.org

Development Team for Church Grove
The development team manages the process of creating our first project at Church Grove, including design and planning activities.
Team champion: Owain Roberts, RUSS Development Director
Contact: development@theruss.org

Fundraising Team
The fundraising team decide upon and organise applications for grant funding to support RUSS and the Church Grove project.
Team champion: Daniel Key, RUSS Fundraising Director
Contact: daniel@theruss.org

New Projects Team
The new projects team has been established to generate ideas and pursue leads for RUSS’ next endeavours.
Team champion: Owain Roberts, RUSS Development Director
Contact: development@theruss.org