RUSS is powered and directed by its members. We are currently made up of 700+ people who want to contribute to our vision of uniting people and planet in new affordable neighbourhoods, and we’re growing by around ten new members each week.

Becoming a RUSS member is simple, affordable and directly contributes to making our vision a reality. As a Community Land Trust, membership in RUSS takes the form of a non-profit community share purchase. Each share costs £1 and membership starts with the purchase of a minimum of one share.

Membership entitles you to a shareholding certificate, invitation to our regular members’ meetings and events, access to our online collaboration site and the ability to redeem your share for a refund at any time. If you would like to contribute to RUSS without becoming a member, please consider making a donation.

As we’re a charitable community group, we kindly ask those who can afford more to consider purchasing a larger number of shares with their membership. People who invest larger amounts in RUSS can claim tax relief on their investment.

To become a RUSS member and community shareholder, simply read our shareholder Terms-and-Conditions then fill in the online form below.


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Membership is open to any individual over 16 and any organisation may apply to become a member of RUSS and may invest in RUSS by applying to buy shares. Applications under this offer must be for a minimum of 1 share (£1), maximum of 100,000 (£100,000).

All members must be shareholders and all shareholders must be members.


Section B. - Applying to Buy Shares

Please note: membership will not be complete until a minimum of 1 share (£1) has been paid for.

Section D. - Make a Donation
(This is separate from share purchase)